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Not just pet pampering.

Before you arrive

Please make sure your pet has had a chance to relieve themselves before their grooming session starts. Dogs, just like people, can become pretty uncomfortable when they've got to go - allowing them the opportunity to use the restroom before they arrive can make a big difference in how they feel and act during their grooming, as well as avoiding making a mess of themselves during their bath or haircut. 

We have a lovely pathway around our building - please feel free to arrive a few minutes early and take your dog around the loop so they get a bathroom break just before their grooming. This also gives the more excited pups an opportunity to stretch their legs and get some of those wiggles out before haircut time.

Checking in

Each grooming package and service at Pawsitive Pet Parlor begins with a consultation. We will confirm which services you would like done and go over haircut options, as well as discussing your pet's recent history to find out how their health has been, how their mood has been, and if there's anything that we should know to make the experience as low-stress and easy for your pet as possible. We will then do a hands-on check of your pet to examine the condition of their skin and coat. We then confirm contact info so we know who to contact when your pet is ready for pick up, and your pet heads with us to our spa room to begin the pampering.

During the grooming session

At Pawsitive Pet Parlor, we keep a low pet-to-groomer ratio, so your pet will not be waiting in a cage for their grooming to begin. After your farewell, they will head to the bathtub to begin their spa treatment. We will trim their nails and then begin their bath, using shampoo and conditioner picked specifically for their coat, skin and desired styling needs. Each pet is hand-bathed using our bathing system which is designed to conserve water while also providing your pet with a luxurious bubble bath that leaves them beautifully clean. 

After their bath, each pet is towel-dried to removed excess moisture and then hand-dried using top-notch pet force driers. For many pets, this is the part of the grooming process that makes them most nervous, so we always go slow and easy with the drying, especially if your pet is not used to the noise or has been scared previously - it may take a few extra minutes, but it's worth it. 

Once your pet is bathed and dried, we clean their ears and do any necessary brushing or deshedding. If you have added nail grinding to your service, we will grind their nails for extra smoothness and if you chose the Pedicure add-on, we will also paint the nails the color you chose at check-in. If your pet is not receiving a haircut or any trimming during their visit, this will be their final step.


If your pet is receiving a haircut or hair trimming, we will use a combination of shears and clippers to style them according to what was discussed during check-in. If, for some reason, the agreed-upon style is not possible, we will always call you to discuss other options.

After the grooming session

Approximately 15 minutes before your pet is ready, we will send you a text or give you a call (please let us know during check-in if you would like more notice).

While your pet waits for you, rather than being placed in a kennel they will have their own pet suite to help them feel comfy and more at home. To maintain our peaceful, spa-like environment for each pet, we cannot board pets for long periods after their groom. We ask that each pet is picked up no later than 30 minutes after their service is finished. If you need your pet to remain with us longer, please let us know when booking your appointment, or as early before your appointment as possible (additional charges apply to longer boarding times). 

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